Drive Test Management (DTM)

Strong Project management, project control, documentation and project planning module within AFS


DTM is an advanced web-based project management tool that manages drive test projects from beginning to final acceptance. It is a module within AFS that works independently and in conjunction with other Segal modules to offer a complete project management solution. DTM has been designed for helping you to plan, organize, track and manage your project using the most advanced management and tracking techniques available on the market. It is made on the key principles of project management such as scope, cost and schedule. DTM allows you to define your project scope, quality, budget and schedule.

·        Draw route

·        Route approval

·        Route warehouse and search engine

·        Scenario creator

·        Task assigning to field staff

·        All types of drive test include: Benchmark, Optimization, SSV, Customer complain, Spillover and …

·        Ability to make plan for post process and field staff

·        Weekly, monthly and yearly planning and track them

·        Work Order (WO) management

·        Task review procedures (acceptance)

·        Automated tracker according to drive test types

·        Overview according to drive test types

·        Post process report uploading and search engine

·        Log file uploading and search engine

·        Inventory management

·        Add more project and manage them simultaneously


DTM is a complete, intuitive, user-friendly, cost effective project management tool that helps telecommunication providers or equipment vendors to plan, execute and deliver on their multiple projects. In other word, it is designed for supervision and field activities.

SEGAL production eliminates most paperwork and organizes records. This module is a user-friendly interface that integrates trouble ticketing, work orders, inventory control, and reporting. If you do not know how your project is going on, use our enterprise solution to check your project online.


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