Intelligent Optimization And Planning Tools


Configuration Management (CM):

How will you make sure that desired configuration are deployed into the network?

Misconfiguration is one of the main reasons of poor network performance

It is critical to validate the configuration changes which is made to the RAN are accurate, while networks are being expanded or optimized. This will assure healthy network and excellent customer quality of experience are maintained

Maintaining network consistency and integrity by automating the monitoring, auditing, updating and reporting on NETWORK CONFIGURATION


Performance Management (PM):

Accurate collection and processing of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) invariably lead to better insights, more efficient network usage and improve Quality of Service (QoS)

Mapping out all Cells, Sites, Network, Region, Province, City,  Cluster, Technologies, Vendors,( zone’s, city’s ,….layers), in easy search course

Comprehensive visualization and reporting tool designed to show all type of KPIs or raw counters over a long period of time, (along with physical data and active Alarm when a cell is being checked)

Customizable dashboard to shows different performance queries at a glance, over desired city, zone and …

Ability to drill down from KPIs into relevant non-performing or degraded cells, interactively


The idea is to take advantage of a feature-rich analytical software, which increasingly helps the user to evaluate the network and improve the performance of the area under responsibility

Particular services to tackle the designated problem, This is very important, because data(CM , PM) alone worth nothing. The big advantage is to correlate them and extract the intended results

Taking the advantage of using machine learning and AI for detecting abnormal nodes


What value PLANO will bring?

Provides fast and reliable access to DUMP (Configurations Parameters ) based on requested date and manage object’s name, for everyone

CM full accessibility and consistency check, allows engineers to monitor and improve network quality by providing visibility to the live network configuration and comparing it against the desired network baseline, redline, or any reference node. This highlights configuration discrepancies – a primary cause of poor network performance

To cross check the additional information such as physical data, node configuration, alarms, CRs,.. while user is in KPI chart, This saves time for users to investigate drilling down into the possible problem causing

Performance Query and customizable dashboard to see several KPIs for several node or other network levels will improve optimization efficiencies

As resource optimizer for improving the optimization efficiencies

Managing the history of actions and comments

Prioritizing the worst performance or degraded cell based on highest impact on region , cities , RNC/BSC

Analyzing high level KPI ( Quality Index) and extracting the pain points

Sample Serveries : Auto Neighbors Checking , Cell ranges calculation, Tile and Power, Code reuse,  Audit, Load and layer balancing, Spatial query , Statistical Analysis

AI and ML to be used in Network Analysis (moving from threshold analysis basis to classification of nodes behaviors

Temporal analysis

Layer Base presentation for all KPIs , Customer Complains , analysis , and inputs from microservices

Spatial  Query

Automated Borders(BSC & RNC&TAC&LAC)

Density Analysis





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