Site Audit

Strong Project management, project control, documentation and project planning module within AFS


Audit application is one of our most powerful module with AFS (Advanced Field Solution) which have ever been made. By using this module, you are able to manage your staff on an online platform and project will be run smoothly. Azimuth finder, planning and user friendly interface is its most important features.

calculate azimuth without any special device

distinguish sector sequence

distinguish FDD and TDD and separate them

generate automated report in different format

check panorama pictures and alarm in case of mistake

Check GPS deviation and alarm in case of big gap

check antenna and tower height and alarm in case of mismatch

managers application which enable them to be updated continuously via their smartphone

alarm in case of missed picture

map dashboard

show HLD on map

site information according to customer requirement on map

ability to manage multi project simultaneously using most minimum human resource

work order and ticket management




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