Technical Site Survey Report (TSSR)

Strong Project management, project control, documentation and project planning module within AFS


Project management is easy with AFS, an open and shared workspace that connects people to the ideas and information they need to do their best work. Create and store all your documentation in one place, ease communication across teams, and ship projects faster. Seamlessly connect TSSR with other products to add extra context to your projects, create and track issues and product requirements, publish release reports, track release progress, and more. SEGAL product (TSSR) facilitates your project process, you can control your field members and empower the relationship between them and back office staffs. You will enjoy automated as built along with raised productivity. Save time and feel more comfortable by SEGAL.


TSSR module supports below picture category:

  • General information
  • General pictures
  • Access information
  • Bands configuration information
  • Building details
  • Tower/s details
  • Fence details
  • IBEAM details
  • BTS & RACK details
  • PDB and power supply details
  • Battery details
  • Cable tray & ladder details
  • Earth & ground details
  • FDD sector details
  • TDD sector details
  • WIMAX sector details
  • Transmission details
  • Panorama details


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